New termite infestation discovered in Guelph

Guelph, ON, August 20, 2013 – The City is preparing an action plan to address a recently discovered termite infestation just north of the downtown.

On August 7, the City found termites on three properties located on King Street between Eramosa Road and Palmer Street.

“It’s difficult to say how the termites reached this area,” said Tim Myles, the City’s termite control officer. “Sometimes people unknowingly move infested wood, such as mulch, fire wood, sheds and planter barrels, which allows termites to travel over large distances. In this case, given the proximity to the Woolwich termite management area, it’s possible that the termites flew across the Speed River. Such natural establishment of colonies is rare this far north, but not impossible.”

Staff will survey about 450 properties in the area to establish a new termite management area. City staff will then proceed with implementing an action plan, installing termite traps and putting into effect required control options.

About Guelph’s termite management areas

The eastern subterranean termite was detected in Guelph in the early 1970s near Goldie Mill Park. The non-native insects were accidentally introduced from the United States to more than 30 Ontario municipalities.

Today, Guelph has three termite management areas encompassing 869 properties. The program is intended to control the insects and prevent damage to wood structures. Guelph’s termite management plan has successfully reduced termite populations in all three termite management areas.

The City provides tips for preventing the spread of termites, such as safely disposing of wood, mulch and soil.

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Dr. Tim Myles
Termite Control Officer
Building Services
519-837-5615 extension 2840