Outdoor, recreational fires not permitted within Guelph city limits

Guelph, On, July 19, 2013 – The Guelph Fire Department is reminding residents that outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and chiminea devices are not permitted within city limits.

“We want people to have a safe and fun summer with their family and friends,” says Deputy Fire Chief John Osborne. “To avoid having a fire burn out of control we’re reminding everyone that open air burning is not permitted in Guelph.”

While the City prohibits outdoor and recreational fires, open air burning is allowed if a person is cooking food on a grill or a barbecue.

“Such burning consists of a small, confined fire that is supervised at all times. Once cooking is complete, the fire must be extinguished,” Osborne explains, adding that cooking fires do not include roasting marshmallows or hot dogs which would be deemed a recreational fire.

Residents are also asked to exercise caution when cooking outdoors as wind-blown embers can easily catch onto nearby grass and other vegetation and quickly burn out of control. “We’re asking people to take a few safety precautions when getting ready to grill in the back yard.”

Under the Ontario Fire Code, propane fuelled or natural gas appliances that simulate a campfire or fireplace are permitted outdoors.

Failure to comply with open air burning regulations is an offence for which a person can be charged under the Ontario Fire Code and the City of Guelph Fire Prevention By-law.

To learn more about open-air burning in Guelph, residents can call 519-763-8111 or visit guelph.ca/fire and click on safety prevention > at home > outdoor fires.

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John Osborne
Deputy Fire Chief
Emergency Services
519-824-6590 extension 2140