Guelph to invite community to discuss licensing rental housing

Guelph, ON, July 30, 2013 – Later this year, the City will reach out to landlords, tenants, property owners, neighbours and community members to discuss options for a potential licensing program for rental housing in Guelph.

The City is working to determine if, in addition to enhanced enforcement and community education, a licensing program could help address rental housing issues including tenant health and well-being, neighbourhood destabilization and disruptive behaviour.

“Guelph is exploring the idea of licensing the business of rental housing,” said Todd Salter, general manager of Planning Services. “The City developed three potential service models as a starting point for a broader, more thorough conversation with a broad range of stakeholder groups.”

Last night, City Council voted to proceed with a community consultation process, and asked City staff to present additional options which focus on potential risks associated with rental housing.

“The City will encourage participants to compare a range of service models to find a fair and balanced approach,” added Salter. “For example, at one end of the spectrum we could discuss a program requiring regular, mandatory inspections and shorter licence renewal periods. At the other end we could explore a risk-based approach that doesn’t require regular inspections for all types of units.”

The City will provide a number of opportunities for community members to participate in conversations about rental housing, and community feedback will be considered by City Council when deciding whether Guelph will implement a licensing program for rental housing.

Anyone interested in participating in community consultation about rental housing licensing is invited to contact the City at

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