Statement from the City of Guelph: City to file for arbitration in effort to get firefighter contract

Guelph, On, June 10, 2013 – Earlier today the City of Guelph decided to file for interest arbitration with regards to the collective bargaining agreement with the Guelph Professional Fire Fighters Association (GPFFA), the union representing its 165 fire department employees.

The City had hoped to achieve a negotiated agreement in the 10 bargaining meetings held with GPFFA. Unfortunately, it was unable to do so given that the GPFFA’s proposals were excessive, unaffordable and not fair to taxpayers and would, if agreed to, provide firefighters greater benefits than any other employee group in the City.

It had been the City’s hope, as reflected in its proposals to the GPFFA, that it would achieve an agreement that was fair and reasonable—one that is financially responsible and respects the taxpayers of Guelph. It is unfortunate that the City now has to spend money go to interest arbitration.

The City will request a no board report from the provincial conciliator, which is part of the process for filing for interest arbitration.

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