Reflective markers make it easier for firefighters to see hydrants at night

Guelph, On, May 21, 2013 – The Guelph Fire Department is testing a new product called Mark-A-Hydrant that makes it easier for firefighters to see hydrants at night.

The plastic markers, placed behind the hydrant port cap and shaped as a Maltese cross—an internationally recognized symbol of fire services—have a reflective finish making fire hydrants more visible in the dark by capturing the beam from a vehicle’s headlights.

Available in blue, green, orange, and red, the markers are a more cost effective and less labour intensive option to the National Fire Protection Association requirement that all hydrants are colour-code compliant.

“The standard identifies painting hydrants to indicate available water flow capabilities to extinguish a fire, while the markers convey the same information in a cost effective, reflective and easily identifiable package,” says John Osborne, Guelph’s deputy fire chief.

He adds, “The markers also benefit firefighters by making the nearest hydrant to a fire scene easier to find in the dark, which could save time in an emergency.”

To date, the City has installed markers on every other hydrant located along Gordon Street, between Stone and Clair roads, and along Imperial Road North between Willow Road and Speedvale Avenue.

The testing phase will last until next spring so fire officials can gather feedback on how well the markers work during the winter months. Osborne says that any decision to adopt the markers citywide will be considered after a review of the trial period. There are 2,500 fire hydrants in Guelph.

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John Osborne
Deputy Fire Chief
Guelph Fire Department
519-822-1260 extension 2140