Guelph’s award-winning organics facility under budget, functioning well

Guelph, On, May 17, 2013 – At the Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment Committee meeting earlier this week, Councillors learned Guelph’s award-winning Organic Waste Processing Facility (OWPF) is functioning well and has successfully achieved all testing and compliance approvals required by the Ministry of the Environment.

“We’re pleased all commissioning is now complete, the facility is performing as intended, and its construction came in $1.3 million under budget,” said Dean Wyman, the general manager of Solid Waste Resources.

The OWPF was constructed for $31,525,000, which is $1.3 million less than the $32,825,000 allocated capital budget for the project.

The facility was up and running on September 27, 2011, once completed by Maple Reinders Ltd., the designer and builder. A voluntary closure of the facility delayed commissioning by four months, during which time the City refined the OWPF’s odour management system.

“Through responsive and cooperative practices with the Ministry of the Environment, Maple Reinders, local residents and members of the OWPF public liaison committee, we’ve addressed odours, ensured the OWPF does not negatively impact residents, and strengthened important relationships with our community,” said Wyman.

The OWPF was nominated for two construction industry awards. It received the Building Excellence Award from the Grand Valley Construction Association of Canada for best project in the project greater than $20 million category and was the first runner up in the Canadian Design Build Institute’s Award.

The facility uses odour minimization, management and control features—including a thorough odour reporting and investigation process—considered by industry experts as best management practices.

Composting organics at the Organic Waste Composting Facility is expected to increase Guelph’s diversion rate by 10 per cent, helping to achieve the City’s waste diversion target of 65 per cent by 2016.

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