Clair Water Tower to get new coat of paint this spring

Guelph, On, May 2, 2013 – The Clair Water Tower in Guelph’s south end is getting a new coat of paint this spring.

The tower, located at the intersection of Clair Road and Laird Drive, will be out of service for about eight weeks, starting on or about May 9. The scheduled maintenance involves draining the tank of its water, removing the existing paint where necessary, and applying new paint to the tower’s interior and exterior surfaces.

The Clair tower has not been painted since it was constructed in 1995, with coating systems normally lasting between 15 and 20 years. “With proper maintenance, a water tower’s service life can be extended beyond 50 years,” says Karl Cober, project manager at Water Services.

In February, the Clair Water Tower was briefly taken out of service to give City staff a better understanding of what the potential impact would be to Guelph’s water distribution system. During testing, an adequate level of pressure was maintained in the system.

“The City will continue to supply safe, clean water to Guelph residents and businesses during the Clair Water Tower painting project,” says Cober, adding, “Most customers will not notice any changes to their water service while the water tower is not in use. However, some customers in the south end may experience more pressure fluctuations than normal during this time.”

The estimated cost to repaint the Clair Water Tower, including mechanical upgrades and maintenance that will be done at the same time, is $1.2 million and is included in the City’s Council-approved 2013 enterprise budget.

Now through July, the City is asking residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce non-essential outside water use to decrease stress on the City’s water distribution system while the tower is out of service.

Should water demands increase significantly, or Guelph experiences a period of low precipitation and high temperatures, the City may need to implement outside water use restrictions under its Outside Water Use Program. For more information, visit

About Clair Water Tower

Built in 1995
Tower is a steel tank on top of a concrete pedestal
Tower is about 41-42 metres tall (the base is 337 metres above sea level)
Steel tank is about 23.45 metres (77 feet) and the storage capacity is 4,523 cubic metres.
Storage capacity is about two to three per cent of Guelph’s entire water distribution system, which includes watermains, reservoirs, and water towers

For more information 

Karl Cober
Project Manager
Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2187