Statement from The City of Guelph: Collective bargaining between the City and GPFFA update

Guelph, ON, April 26 — The City and the Guelph Professional Fire Fighters Association (GPFFA) bargaining teams have met nine times in an effort to achieve a freely negotiated collective agreement that respects both the job Guelph firefighters do and Guelph taxpayers.

It was the City’s hope that it would achieve a freely negotiated collective agreement however the proposals put forth by the GPFFA and the associated costs are—in the City’s view—unaffordable and excessive. The proposals are not in keeping with the City’s commitment to fairness and respect for City employees and Guelph taxpayers, therefore the City and GPFFA were unable to achieve an agreement.

In the City’s view, the GPFFA’s proposals—if agreed to—would provide firefighters greater benefits than any other employee group in the City.

As is the normal process for negotiations in these circumstances, the City and the GPFFA have agreed to file for conciliation. The City remains hopeful it can achieve an agreement in conciliation and avoid the excessive costs associated with arbitration.

The City’s bargaining team remains available to meet with the GPFFA.

The City, Guelph Fire Department and GPFFA remain committed to community safety.

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