Ice storm clean up continues

Guelph, On, April 17, 2013 – The clean up continues across Guelph as City crews work to remove fallen trees and limbs damaged by last week’s ice storm.

Street tree debris clean up will be completed in the next few days. However, it will take several weeks to clean up all City parks and safely remove any broken branches lodged in the tree canopy. Priority is being given to clearing roads and sidewalks first to ensure public safety.

The City also plans to remove about 25 severely damaged standing trees by the end of May. Residents will be notified ahead of time if standing tree removal is required in front of their property.

Last week’s precipitation combined with freezing temperatures created potholes across the city. This is expected at this time of year and Public Works crews are working to fix potholes as they appear.

Please contact the Public Works department at or 519-837-5628 to report potholes or concerns about City trees.

Localized flooding at Riverside Park and at Freeman Avenue has subsided, and both the Speed and Eramosa rivers have since stabilized. However, flows remain high and residents are asked to use caution when near fast-flowing creeks, streams, and rivers.

The ice storm caused significant power outages throughout the City, which had an impact on a number of City services and properties, including the F.M. Woods pumping station. During the outage in Guelph and the Town of Arkell last Friday, Guelph Water Services relied on water stored in the City’s three water towers—Verney, Clair, and Speedvale—and about one third of the day’s demand or 5,000 cubic metres of water was pumped using back-up power systems. The City maintains a fleet of about 12 generators to provide stand-by power to run Guelph’s water system during power outages. There was no threat to Guelph’s water supply, and the City continued to deliver safe, clean water during the storm.

At the height of the storm, Guelph Fire personnel responded to about 53 calls for service within Guelph and Wellington County. Incidents included downed wires, trees on hydro lines, alarm activations and blown transformers. Emergency Services management and the community emergency management coordinator worked to ensure there was a coordinated response to the storm recovery efforts.

For more information

Rod Keller
General Manager, Public Works
519-822-1260 x 2949

Peter Busatto
General Manager, Water Services
519-822-1260 x 2165

Shawn Armstrong
General Manager and Fire Chief, Emergency Services
519-822-1260 x 2125