City audit prioritizes actions to improve fleet management

GUELPH, ON, Thursday, April 4 – On April 17, Guelph’s Audit Committee will review and discuss 24 recommendations designed to improve the City’s vehicle fleet management and operations.

Last fall, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation warned that Guelph’s Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) safety violation rate of 38.6 per cent was higher than the Ministry’s satisfactory threshold of 35 per cent. There is no threat to Guelph’s CVOR permit, and the City expects its safety record to return to good standing in May.

“Upon receiving the warning, the City requested an audit of its fleet services to find ways to continue improving regulatory compliance, driver safety, and fleet performance,” said the City’s Internal Auditor, Loretta Alonzo.

“Several recommendations from the audit were already underway,” said Derek McCaughan, Executive Director of Operations, Transit and Emergency Services. “For example, we are in the process of hiring a driver safety trainer who will lead the City’s effort to build on departmental practices that are working well, and improve fleet operations across the organization.”

Using findings from the audit, the City has developed an action plan to address inconsistencies and deficiencies in driver training, disciplinary programs, record-keeping, reporting and corporate policies.

The City will implement 21 of the 24 recommendations in the audit report; three of the recommendations not being implemented are not related to safety or regulatory compliance. The list of recommendations and the City’s plans for implementation are available as part of the staff report.

The internal auditor will present a follow up report showing the City’s progress in January 2014.

About Guelph’s Internal Audit Function

The City’s internal auditor performs operational, financial, compliance, information system, special investigation, follow-up audits, and consulting to identify potential savings, efficiencies and service improvements. To ensure objectivity, transparency and accountability, the internal auditor uses best practices and standards established by the Institute of Internal Auditors, and reports directly to the Audit Committee of City Council.

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