Proposed public nuisance by-law reflects community feedback

Guelph, ON, March 7, 2013 – The City has amended and removed a number of regulations in the draft public nuisance by-law to reflect input gathered through community consultation last November.

Sections of the by-law that relate to public protests, rallies, and distributing handbills have been removed in light of comments and concerns raised by the community. All changes and other considerations made by a working group of City and Guelph Police Services employees are documented in a summary report appended to the Operations, Transit and Emergency Services (OTES) Committee staff report.

“The community feedback we received shaped the changes made to the final draft by-law,” said Doug Godfrey, the City’s manager of by-law compliance and security. This was a collaborative and consultative approach to developing a new City by-law.”

The final draft by-law and staff report will be presented to the OTES Committee on Monday, March 18, and City Council is scheduled to review the final draft on Monday, March 25.

More than 130 community members shared comments and feedback on the draft by-law through a telephone town hall, an in-person town hall meeting, by phone, email and fax.

A working group reviewed the community feedback and each section of the draft by-law to determine the activities and language to include in the updated draft.

More information on the public nuisance draft by-law

About the public nuisance draft by-law

Last year, the City developed a draft public nuisance by-law, with the assistance of Guelph Police Services, to provide by-law compliance and police officers with a tool to address minor, unwanted behaviour or activities on City-owned property and in certain limited cases, private land, without laying criminal charges.

Council endorsed the need for a public nuisance by-law and directed staff to conduct public consultation and report the findings.

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