City presents first Corporate Strategic Plan progress report to the Governance Committee

GUELPH, ON, February 11, 2013 – The City presents its first Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) progress report to the Governance Committee at 3 p.m. today.

The report summarizes the CSP’s strategic initiatives under way and how the CSP is being adopted within the City’s current systems and operations.

“On behalf of City Council, we are pleased to offer the community an update on the achievements and on-going work in support of the Corporate Strategic Plan’s three areas of focus — organizational excellence, innovation in local government, and city building,”Mayor Karen Farbridge

“The City is dedicated to integrating the CSP into its practices and delivering on the strategic initiatives that will enable our corporation to adapt, innovate and provide outstanding municipal service and value”


“This report offers members of the community a glimpse of the range of strategic work the City is undertaking.”Ann Pappert, Chief Administrative Officer

The City will publish two editions of the CSP progress report each year to ensure accountability, transparency and encourage community engagement. The next report will be available this fall.

CSP Semi Annual Progress Report – February 2013

About the CSP

The City of Guelph’s Corporate Strategic Plan is a detailed road map for achieving the community’s vision for being a City that makes a difference amid economic, social and technological realities facing Guelph and all governments and citizens today.

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