New mobile stage to help animate Market Square

Mayor announces joint donation by Macquarie Group and Mactaggart Family

January 12, 2013, Guelph, ON – Today, Mayor Karen Farbridge announced the donation of a multi-purpose and accessible mobile stage for Market Square. The joint donation was made by the Macquarie Group and Mactaggart family.

Mayor Farbridge thanked the donors during her second annual New Year’s levee at City Hall.

“Market Square is a welcoming place for all people and this generous gift will help to bring families and neighbours together”Mayor Farbridge

Moments earlier, to the delight of the crowd, children’s entertainer, Jack Grunsky, inaugurated the new stage with a lively toe-tapping mini-concert.

“We’re pleased for the opportunity to help animate Market Square with events, activities, and performances for the benefit of the entire community,” said Earl Evans, CEO and head of Macquarie Private Wealth. “This donation is another example of how Macquarie works to support and improve the communities around the world in which we operate.”

“Our family is thrilled to see that Market Square has become a lively public gathering space and we’re pleased to extend our support through the Mactaggart Family Fund to further contribute to the wellbeing of our community.”Will Mactaggart

The Mactaggart Family Fund is administered by the Guelph Community Foundation. Home to more than 100 funds, the Foundation builds endowments to provide lasting support for local priorities.

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