New water, wastewater rates effective January 1

GUELPH, ON, December 21, 2012 – Guelph’s new water and wastewater rates come into effect January 1.

The rate increases, which were approved by City Council and communicated to residents in the fall, amount to an approximate increase of $1.12 per household each week or an eight per cent increase on the average residential bill.

Water and wastewater rates had been forecast at a 10 per cent increase in the City’s 2006 Water Supply Master Plan; however, careful budgeting has resulted in a lower than expected increase.

The operation and maintenance of Guelph’s municipal water and wastewater utilities are funded solely through water and wastewater revenues. Increases to water and wastewater rates fund the replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure; operating cost increases for energy and other purchased goods; ongoing costs for meter reading, billing and collection; and maintaining environmental and regulatory compliance. User rate increases also ensure the continued delivery of high quality water and wastewater services that Guelph residents rely on.

Residents and businesses can decrease their water bills by reducing the amount of water they use. The City offers a variety of resources to assist residents and local businesses to conserve water and reduce water/wastewater utility bills. For more information, visit For more information about the 2013 water and wastewater rates, visit > water rates.

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