Council to consider boundary options for Guelph’s first Heritage Conservation District

GUELPH, ON, December 7, 2012 – During a committee meeting next Monday, staff will recommend one of three options for Guelph’s first potential heritage conservation district known as Brooklyn and College Hill.

In February, the City received the Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District Study including a proposed boundary for the heritage district. In light of feedback from property owners in the area, Council extended the period for community consultation. Staff collaborated with concerned property owners and stakeholder groups to come up with two alternative options.

The first, referred to as Option A, is consistent with the original boundary but excludes the Wellington Street dam, properties east of 22 James Street East and 220 Gordon Street, properties between 220 and 314 Gordon Street, properties between University Avenue East and College Avenue East, properties west of Gordon Street, from 359 Gordon Street to College Avenue West. Option B, also excludes properties listed above, and properties east of Gordon Street, between 176 Gordon Street, known as Marianne’s park, and 314 Gordon Street.

These options will be presented and discussed during the Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment Committee meeting on December 10, when staff will recommend Option B as the final boundary for the proposed Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District.

“A heritage conservation district helps guide future development while protecting the cultural heritage value of the area,” said Stephen Robinson, senior heritage planner. “The recommended option allows us to address community concerns, include key cultural heritage landscapes and preserve the original residential neighbourhoods.”

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