Certified compostable plastic bags get green light from Council and MOE to use as liners in green carts

GUELPH, ON, November 27, 2012 – Last evening, City Council approved a staff-recommended amendment to the Waste Management By-law to allow the use of certified compostable plastic bags as liners in the City’s organic waste carts.

This decision follows an amendment from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), earlier this month, granting the City permission to collect and process organic waste in certified compostable plastic bags.

“We are pleased Guelph residents now have the same number of options for lining their green carts as those in other municipalities”Dean Wyman, the City’s general manager of Solid Waste Resources

Residents can choose to use certified compostable plastic bags, paper bags, newspaper or a variety of other household items that can be repurposed—such as cereal boxes and flour bags—as a liner inside their green cart.

The City has been in negotiations with the MOE to amend the Organic Waste Processing Facility’s (OWPF) Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) since last fall, when an Ottawa-based organic processing facility, Orgaworld Canada Ltd., successfully won an appeal for a similar ECA condition.

The MOE amendment also provides the City the opportunity to accept organic waste from other Ontario industrial and municipal sources currently using certified compostable plastic bags.

“The City is now in a position to assist more municipalities with processing their organic waste material, in the event of a temporary closure of their facility, without any service disruptions—and vice versa,” said Dean Wyman. “This helps us deliver public services better.”

The City’s cart-based collection system is being phased in over three years. Approximately 15,000 households started using their waste carts for curbside collection this month.

The remaining two-thirds of Guelph households will continue to use traditional transparent green, blue and clear plastic bags for placing their waste at the curb.

More information will be available later this week at guelph.ca/waste.

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General Manager
Solid Waste Resources
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