‘We’re making a difference together’ report highlights strategic initiatives

Annual report contains 2011 audited financial statements

GUELPH, ON, October 24 – The City of Guelph’s 2011 ‘We’re making a difference together’ report, posted on guelph.ca today, highlights some of the City’s initiatives set out in its corporate strategic plan and contains detailed information about the City’s financial position including its 2011 audited financial statements.

Strategic initiatives that strengthen how the City works and help to build a thriving future for Guelph include the Community Wellbeing Initiative, bringing emergency services together in the city’s south end, attracting investment and jobs to the new Hanlon Creek Business Park, the City’s involvement with the Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership and the City’s commitment to employees’ health and wellbeing. All were started or made significant progress in 2011.

“This enhanced, beautifully written and presented report provides accessible information about our strategic initiatives and financial position that’s easy to understand and is relevant to people,” says Mayor Karen Farbridge, who is also expected to promote the community and financial report during her State of the City address at a breakfast hosted by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce on November 1.

Accessible financial information in the report includes the City’s financial dashboard which shows at a glance how the City is trending with respect to key performance indicators including net financial assets and operating surplus ratio.

“This report serves as an opportunity to communicate the results of the City’s 2011 performance, provide related information on significant achievements during the year and identify several exciting, future initiatives,” says Al Horsman, the City’s chief financial officer, adding, “The financial results reflect the City’s commitment to strong, transparent and accountable financial management.”

Residents can access the report in full colour or as a black and white PDF suitable for printing from a home printer.

View the 2011 ‘We’re making a difference together’ report.

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