Council to vote on enterprise-funded budgets October 24

Infrastructure renewal and technology upgrades to strengthen City services

GUELPH, ON, October 11, 2012 – On Wednesday, October 24 City Council will discuss proposed investments in infrastructure renewal and technology upgrades to strengthen Guelph’s Water and Wastewater Services, Provincial Court Services and Ontario Building Code Administration.

The proposed 2013 Enterprise-Funded Budget continues to align investments with City’s strategic plan “Our City, Our Future” allowing the City to deliver public services better and build a vibrant future for Guelph.

“Key investments in infrastructure are essential to ensuring a safe and sustainable supply that meets Guelph’s current and future water and wastewater needs,” says Janet Laird, Executive Director of Planning, Building Engineering and Environment.

Guelph Water and Wastewater Services

Guelph’s successful water conservation efforts continue to help the City manage its investments in infrastructure. Smart water use reduces operating costs and helps defer million of dollars in future capital investments to accommodate growth.

Water Services’ proposed $24.6 million operating budget reflects increasing energy costs and contributions to reserve funds to prepare for future infrastructure upgrades as the city continues to grow. The proposed $12.3 million capital budget covers the cost of immediate infrastructure maintenance and new systems to service growth. To meet Provincial wastewater treatment regulations, Guelph is proposing a Wastewater Services operating budget of $26.9 million and a capital budget of $12.4 million next year.

If approved, the following water and wastewater rate changes would take effect on January 1, 2013 to align Guelph’s water billing cycle with Guelph Hydro’s billing program.

Guelph’s Provincial Court Services

Improved fine collection systems preserve the integrity of court decisions, and these sentences have positive impacts in our community. Increased fine revenues are reflected in the $3.6 million operating budget. Ongoing building maintenance and upgrades to information technology systems are included in next year’s $77,900 capital budget.

Ontario Building Code Administration

To increase service to residents and businesses, the proposed $2.8 million Ontario Building Code Administration operating budget includes resources to improve how quickly the City processes building permits and inspections. If approved, a proposed capital investment of $71,400 would further enhance service to taxpayers by upgrading Guelph’s integrated electronic building permit, inspection and licensing system over the next three years.

Community members are invited to attend the meeting on October 24, and registered delegations are welcome to address members of City Council. To register as a delegation or to learn more about enterprise-funded operating and capital budgets visit

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