Streamlining City processes for planning and development

GUELPH, ON, September 13, 2012 – The second report of a review of the City’s planning and development practices makes several recommendations to strengthen the City’s processes and make it easier for the Guelph business community to deal with the City on planning and development matters.

Recommendations for a new service delivery model focus on streamlining City processes, such as striking an interdepartmental committee involving Planning, Engineering, Building Services and Enterprise Services, implementing a pre-consultation process for development applications and reinstating a one-step engineering review process. The report also makes recommendations to improve communications among City departments and with business and other community stakeholders.
Steps already completed or underway by the City that address the report’s findings include finalizing several significant planning and urban design projects, developing a business retention and expansion program, streamlining the process for registering subdivisions and condominiums and formalizing the planning and development application processes. Earlier this year, the approval process for minor revisions to site plans was simplified and a triage process for economic development was implemented.

“We welcome business investment in our community,” said Janet Laird, Executive Director, Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment. “The recommendations in this report will make it easier to do business with the City and, as a result, contribute to providing an excellent quality of life for Guelph residents.”

“The Guelph Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing support through the expertise in  Guelph’s business community as the Joint Operational Review moves from analyzing operations to developing an action plan to implement the recommendations,” said Lloyd Longfield, President and Chief Administrative Officer, Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

The study that led to the report, Integrated Operational Review of Planning, Building, Engineering and Enterprise Services and the Development Review Process, was prepared by CGA Management Consultants with IBI Group. It cost $70,000.

An oversight committee for the review includes representatives from the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, the Guelph Wellington Developers’ Association and the local development consulting and real estate sectors. They will be invited to review the recommendations and discuss their implementation.

Prosperity 2020 Phase2 – Strategic Directions for Economic Development and Tourism

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