Community input would be sought for new public nuisance by-law

GUELPH, ON, September 13, 2012 – Residents would have an opportunity to provide input for a new public nuisance bylaw being considered at Council’s Operations, Transit and Emergency Services Committee meeting September 17.

“Should the committee approve creating a public nuisance bylaw, the community would have the opportunity to have their say on finalizing the draft bylaw before it is presented to Council,” Doug Godrey, Manager of Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing

While Guelph is recognized across Canada as being a safe community, a bylaw would provide the City’s bylaw officers and local police with additional tools to handle minor incidents and gatherings that occasionally occur on public and private property that contravene community standards.

“The bylaw, as drafted, would provide tools for bylaw officers to address minor, unwanted behaviour or activities occurring on City-owned property. When circumstances warrant, this bylaw would also allow police to address minor issues through a bylaw rather than through the Criminal Code,” says Godfrey.

The draft bylaw, developed by City staff and Guelph Police Service, would provide tools to address:

  • Nuisance parties occurring on private property that, if left unaddressed, may escalate and affect public safety. A bylaw would allow the City to require a host or property owner to pay a fee to recover costs associated with enforcement.
  • Minor disturbances such as protests and rallies extending beyond 24 consecutive hours unless a City permit has been obtained.
  • Camping, dwelling or construction of temporary structures on City property unless authorized through a City permit.

Godfrey adds, “Public education is our first course of action and the bylaw would be used to address unwanted behaviour in a timelier and more cost-efficient manner for all parties involved.”

For more information

Doug Godfrey
Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing
City of Guelph
T 519-822-1260 x 2520

Bryan Larkin
Chief of Police
Guelph Police Service
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