Residents’ aware new waste collection carts on their way

A recent City of Guelph-commissioned telephone survey reveals 98 per cent of residents in neighbourhoods scheduled to receive carts this fall are aware of the new waste cart collection program.

MetroLine Research Group Inc., an independent research company in Kitchener, administered the telephone interviews on behalf of the City to a statistically significant sample of 411 Guelph households between June 5 and 21.

The survey also confirms 79 per cent of households scheduled to get new carts in 2012 are aware they will receive their carts this fall.

Almost all, 90 per cent, of these households confirm they have received the waste collection carts information package delivered to their home in May and 95 per cent of those who received this package read the brochure.

“The City has a solid understanding of residents’ level of awareness of the new cart program and how we can enhance our carts-related public education efforts before the carts are delivered to homes,” says Heather Connell, Manager, Integrated Services at Solid Waste Resources. “The survey feedback will inform our future carts-related communications, customer service practices and continuous improvement efforts.”

The carts are rolling out to Guelph households over three years, starting this fall.

The survey results have been provided to Mayor Farbridge and members of Guelph City Council. The cost of the survey, $10,975, is included in the Solid Waste Resources budget, which was approved by Council last November.

The results of this survey are representative of the households scheduled to receive carts this fall — not the entire city.

For the full report from Metroline Research Group Inc., including the research methodology, click here.

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