Council prepares for future with corporate strategic plan

City of Guelph Council has approved a corporate strategic plan that aims to equip the City with modern tools and practices to deal with today’s economic, social and technological realities and the challenges ahead.

In her remarks to Council, Mayor Karen Farbridge said several signs confirm change is coming to Guelph. These include population growth, demographic shifts, the changing expectations of citizens and a transitioning economy.

[box style=”quote”]“In times of change, we face a fundamental choice.  We can let the forces of change roll over us and deal with what comes. Or, we can take charge of our future and invest in the glue that holds us together.” –  Mayor Farbridge 

Mayor Farbridge applauded the corporate strategic plan, stating, “Council has asked for and is receiving a transformational plan that furthers our success as city-builders and positions us for the future.”

Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert noted that, while the new plan builds on the goals and priorities of the City’s 2007-10 strategic plan, it adjusts the balance to focus on city-building in addition to the organization’s internal processes.

“We have some foundational work to do – some re-engineering of ourselves – so we can get work done differently in future city-building,” said Pappert. Outlining the plan’s three focus areas of city-building, organizational excellence and innovation in local government, Pappert added, “Excellence and innovation are about unleashing our administration’s capacity to innovate so, together, we can excel in today’s world of high expectations, shrinking resources and real time.”

Each of the plan’s three focus areas has three related strategic directions. Fifty initiatives associated with the corporate strategic plan will move the City towards “real-time” government whereby the City will be more agile and flexible in providing high quality, affordable services.

The corporate strategic plan retains the vision of being “the City that makes a difference” from the 2007-10 strategic plan, as well as the City’s values of integrity, excellence and wellness. It includes a new mission – to build an exceptional City by providing outstanding municipal service and value – and emphasizes the importance of community members, elected officials and City staff working together to achieve the vision and mission.

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Mayor Karen Farbridge
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Ann Pappert
Chief Administrative Officer
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