Strategic plan framework going to Council on June 25

A proposed 2012-16 strategic plan framework will be considered by Council at its June 25 meeting.

The framework maintains the City’s 2007-10 strategic plan vision that Guelph be a City that “makes a difference…acting locally and globally to improve the lives of residents, the broader community and the world.” It acknowledges today’s economic, social and technological realities by focusing on three strategic areas – organizational excellence, innovation and City-building – that will equip the City to strengthen how it works and build a thriving future for Guelph.

Mayor Karen Farbridge will introduce the framework by highlighting how it will enable the City to take charge of its destiny in the face of significant forces of change. Chief Administrative Officer Ann Pappert will outline how a focus on organizational excellence and innovation will position the City to continue making strides in City-building.

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Brenda Boisvert
Corporate Manager, Strategic Planning and Corporate Initiatives
519 822-1260 x 2255