City undertakes service, operational reviews to deliver public services better

Council to review about 300 services provided by City over next four years

GUELPH, ON, May 16, 2012 – The City’s service and operational reviews have started. Over the next several months, a staff-led Service and Operational Review Team (SORT) will complete the fieldwork.

Last fall, Guelph City Council began the examination of about 300 services provided by the City. All services are to be considered over the next four years.

“These reviews are not new to the City of Guelph and are an ongoing part of the City’s fiscal sustainability and continuous improvement of the delivery of services to the public and business community, as well as fulfilling a requirement of Council under the Municipal Act,” says Michael Psotka, project director for the City’s service and operational reviews.

From the first block of 75 services, Council selected 10 specific services for review in 2012. The six areas selected for service reviews are ServiceGuelph, special events coordination, Legal Services, boulevard maintenance, seasonal recreation facilities and Corporate Communications.

In addition, four areas were selected for operational reviews. They are business information systems, traffic flow management, procurement process and property standards bylaw.

Service reviews assess whether a service should be provided by the City and at what service level. Operational reviews assume the City will continue to provide the service, but offer recommendations on how programs and services can be offered in a more efficient and effective way. Potential benefits can include cost savings, streamlined processes, improved service quality and increased levels of service satisfaction.

Once the service and operational reviews are complete this fall, the reports will be presented to City Council for approval.