City launches corporate diversity strategy

The City’s new diversity strategy will guide the organization’s efforts to support a workforce reflective of the diverse Guelph community, ensure equity in its employment systems, and improve service to the community.

“To provide the best public service, we need to attract and keep the most talented and skilled workforce,” said Mark Amorosi, the City’s Executive Director of Corporate and Human Resources. “This process begins by recognizing and respecting the diversity, including the unique skills and experiences, of our employees.”

The strategy is a five-year plan, now underway, that identifies over 50 actions ranging from policy development, education, a workplace census, employment systems review, and customer service tools.

The diversity strategy is part of the People Practices Strategy — the City’s blueprint for achieving organizational excellence through exemplary human resources practices.

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Mark Amorosi
Executive Director
Corporate and Human Resources
T 519-822-1260 x 2281

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