Guelph Transit’s move to Guelph Central Station rescheduled for May 13

Guelph Central Station will open one week later than scheduled due to road construction

GUELPH, ON, April 20, 2012 – Guelph Transit’s move from St. George’s Square to the new Guelph Central Station has been rescheduled from May 6 to May 13 due to construction at the intersection of Macdonell and Woolwich Streets.

Riders and operators are prepared for updated transfers and minor route changes to start on May 6, but Guelph Transit’s main transfer point will stay in St. George’s Square until May 13. Guelph Transit will move in to the new station after construction is complete so transit routes will not be impacted by construction.

“We decided to reschedule our move to Guelph Central Station in order to minimize potential confusion for riders and prevent disruptions for operators,” said Michael Anders, general manager, community connectivity and transit. “Ideally, updates to transfers and minor route changes would have happened when we moved into the new station. Rather than delay these service improvements, however, Guelph operators are prepared to make these changes and Guelph Transit will implement these updates as scheduled on May 6.”

Underground water services are being relocated near the intersection of Macdonell and Woolwich Streets.

“We had hoped that the construction would be complete before May 6,” said Richard Henry, general manager, engineering services. “Unfortunately, the timing of the tendering process, construction permits, inspections and approvals conflict with Guelph Transit’s original plans to move in to the new station.”

Road construction will continue along Macdonell and Woolwich Streets until July. Transit routes will not be affected, but traffic may be delayed in some areas.

Visit Guelph Transit’s website at for schedule information and updates.

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Michael Anders
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Operations and Transit Services
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Richard Henry
General Manager, Engineering Services
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