County and City reach an agreement on Wellington Terrace funding

GUELPH, ON, March 29, 2012 – The County of Wellington and the City of Guelph have reached an agreement on the Wellington Terrace cost-sharing dispute.

All outstanding matters before the court, including future contributions from the City towards the operating costs of Wellington Terrace, have been resolved.

The County and City have been involved in litigation over the funding of Wellington Terrace dating back to 2004.

“County Council is pleased that a lengthy and expensive court proceeding has been avoided,” said Warden Chris White. “The agreement reached with the City provides for an appropriate level of funding by the City towards the operation of the Terrace, which is used by bothCounty and Guelph residents. We look forward to a constructive relationship with the City on long-term care going forward.”

“Working together to successfully resolve the funding parameters of Wellington Terrace to the mutual benefit of both municipalities has created an opportunity for the City and County to work collaboratively in more areas of social services,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge.

All upper- and single-tier municipalities in Ontario are required by provincial legislation to support a long-term care home.

About Wellington Terrace

Wellington Terrace is owned and operated by The County and is home to 176 residents.


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