City stands firm during union negotiations

GUELPH, ON, Thursday, March 22 – During a meeting today involving the City of Guelph and CUPE locals 241, 973 and 1946 and an Ontario Ministry of Labour conciliator, the City requested a “No Board” report be filed with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

“There are still outstanding matters related to sick days and the cost of retiree health benefits requested by the unions that prevent us from reaching settlements that are affordable for Guelph taxpayers,” said the City’s chief administrative officer Ann Pappert.

At this morning’s meeting, the City and CUPE unions agreed to a potential strike or lockout date of Saturday, April 21, though it is not certain that a strike or lockout will occur. Three more negotiation meetings are scheduled for the first week of April and the Minister will provide mediation assistance.

The City hopes to avoid any disruption to programs and services; however, in the event of a strike or lockout, there are contingency plans in place to minimize inconvenience to the community.

“We value the work of all City employees in delivering important public services to our community, and we hope to resume talks and reach mutually beneficial settlements as soon as possible,” added Pappert. “We’ll continue reporting on our progress toward finalizing new collective agreements that protect taxpayers’ interests and provide fair, equitable and competitive compensation to employees.”

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