City investigating odours at organic facility

On-site odours no longer detected

GUELPH, ON, Friday, January 27, 2012 – Yesterday, City staff detected an odour at its organic waste facility, and began investigating possible causes.

“We didn’t receive any complaints, but we reported the odour to the Ministry of the Environment and to area residents,” said Janet Laird, Executive Director of Guelph’s Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment department. “After increasing the air flow in the stack, the odour is not longer detected on or off the site.”

On January 20 the City began taking in fresh organic waste to maintain the minimum temperature required for the facility’s biofilter to operate as designed.

“We’re not certain if the bacterial activity in the bio-filter is too low, or if yesterday’s extraordinary wind conditions were a factor,” added Laird. “We’re investigating possible sources and we’ll continue to report on these and any other issues we encounter as we continue commissioning the facility.”

The facility builder, Maple Reinders will continue implementing its organic waste action plan, and does not expect that this issue will impact its plans to resume operations at the facility.

“The schedule for resuming operations will be finalized in consultation with the Ministry of the Environment, but we don’t expect any delays due to this issue,” said Laird.

About the organic waste action plan

The City stopped receiving organic waste last November upon receiving complaints from nearby residents of odours they believed were coming from the facility. The City asked the facility’s builder, Maple Reinders, to develop an action plan to address odours.

Maple Reinders is working to implement all the recommendations of the action plan, and the City began introducing fresh organic material on January 20.

View the action plan and the accompanying plan to return to full-scale operations.

For more information

Janet Laird
Executive Director
Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment
T 519-822-1260 x 2237