City requires action plan to reduce odours

GUELPH, ON, November 30, 2011 – The City of Guelph is working with the designer of the City’s new organic waste facility, Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., to take every practical step to minimize odours from the facility. Immediate measures underway include:

  • Requiring Maple Reinders to conduct a detailed review of the air containment and odour management systems to identify any improvements that may be needed to ensure the facility operates as designed.
  • Having Maple Reinders’ action plan and subsequent report reviewed by Dillon Consulting Limited on behalf of the City, and seeking endorsement of the action plan from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the citizens’ advisory group.
  • Working with Maple Reinders, in consultation with the Ministry and the citizens’ advisory group, to monitor and manage any future odours.

Maple Reinders’ action plan and the results will be shared with nearby residents and the community.

“While we have confidence in the advanced, modern technology used at the City’s organic waste facility, the facility is in a start up phase – during which time issues are expected to be encountered and resolved,” said Janet Laird, the City’s executive director of planning & building, engineering and environment. “We apologize to residents for the recent unpleasant odours and are committed to working with Maple Reinders and other partners, in consultation with the Ministry, to find and address the source of odours.”

Earlier this month, the City and the Ministry received nine complaints from nearby residents relating to two, separate odour events. The City agrees with the Ministry that the organic waste facility is the likely source of the odours.

The City stopped taking in organic waste on November 25 to enable Maple Reinders to conduct a detailed review of the facility’s air containment and odour management systems. “The facility will not resume receiving organic waste until the City, in consultation with the Ministry and the citizen’s advisory group, is satisfied any issues found have been resolved,” said Laird.

“Council and City staff are committed to investigating and addressing the odours and reporting the progress of the Maple Reinders’ action plan to nearby residents and the community,” said Ann Pappert, the City’s chief administrative officer.

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