Guelph attracts another company in the renewable energy sector

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd to manufacture solar inverters in Guelph

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd (Sustainable Energy) announced that will be locating its main North American solar inverter assembly and test facility in Guelph. Working with Guelph based manufacturer Melitron Corporation, Sustainable Energy will begin production of their solar inverters by the end of 2010. This follows the recent announcement by Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. to establish its solar panel manufacturing facility in the community.

Sustainable Energy’s partnership with Melitron will allow for the quick expansion of their production capacity with limited capital investment. The facility will serve both Ontario and US markets and eventually create 60-80 jobs directly and up to 300 jobs indirectly through supply chain opportunities for local companies.

“This partnership between Melitron and Sustainable Energy will enable an existing Guelph company to transition from its traditional manufacturing base into the rapidly expanding solar energy field,” said Peter Cartwright, General Manager of Economic Development and Tourism. The attraction, retention and expansion of the renewable energy sector is a key focus of Prosperity 2020 and this announcement has it all,” he added.

“Guelph is becoming the place to invest for the renewable energy sector,” said Rob Kerr, Corporate Manager – Community Energy. “Our commitment to the Community Energy Initiative makes Guelph very attractive to companies like Sustainable Energy.”

This solar inverter technology developed by Sustainable Energy, increases energy yields which will result in a lower cost for electricity.

Economic Development staff plan to attend the Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) Conference and Exhibition in Toronto to learn more about this important sector. Also, staff recently attended Europe’s largest wind energy sector conference and exhibition and will attend the upcoming Canadian Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in Montreal.

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