Transit report recommends major changes to improve travel time

Increased frequency, shorter travel times, and better service are all in the plan

GUELPH, ON, July 20, 2010 – At its meeting last night, the Emergency Services, Community Services & Operations (ECO) Committee considered the Guelph Transit Growth Strategy and Plan & Mobility Services Review recommendations and implementation plan.

Recognizing the need for a long term transit vision, the Transit Growth Strategy and Plan & Mobility Services Review provides a roadmap for the growth of Guelph Transit over the next twenty years.

Among the benefits of the recommendations in the report are:

  • Improved levels of service with route restructuring and 15 minute service during peak periods on weekdays;
  • More efficient use of City resources by matching demand and service in peak/off peak periods;
  • Ridership growth of 20% for conventional transit and 60% for mobility services;
  • Innovative approaches to servicing industrial areas, GO shuttles, Sunday service, the use of Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) and express buses;
  • Use of the Guelph Junction Railway corridor to transport riders to and from the Innovation Centre;
  • Strategic planning for transit priority, express buses and interregional connections;
  • A conventional transit fleet that is 100% accessible by 2011 with an expanded family of services for mobility users.

“We’re positioning Guelph Transit to be a viable alternative to the single occupant vehicle,” said Michael Anders, General Manager, Community Connectivity and Transit. “If the plan is approved, commuters will be able to get around the city faster using public transit.”

Guelph Transit riders were among the 7,000 residents, students and businesses who participated in the consultation process as part of the Transit Growth Strategy, making this one of the largest scale public consultation processes in the City’s history.

The 500 page report on the findings, recommendations and implementation plan will be considered by City Council, subject to the annual budget process.

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General Manager – Community Connectivity and Transit
Guelph Transit
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