New name for plan as energy projects move ahead

Community Energy Initiative to implement sustainable energy solutions

GUELPH, ON, March 27, 2010 – During today’s Human Dimensions of the Environment Symposium at City Hall, Mayor Karen Farbridge highlighted how Guelph’s Community Energy Plan is being implemented. The Mayor also announced the new name for the Plan; the Community Energy Initiative.

“A plan is just a plan until we make it happen, and we’ve already made some significant progress toward reaching our energy goals,” said Farbridge. “The Community Energy Initiative represents how the City and its community partners implement sustainable energy solutions.”

In addition to Guelph’s local electricity generation projects at the former Eastview landfill site and Guelph’s wastewater facility, the City is creating and energy density map by measuring where and how much energy is used in the city. Feasibility studies are also underway to determine the potential for district energy systems downtown, at the University of Guelph and near the Guelph General Hospital.

“These are important first steps in our 25-year vision for energy in Guelph,” added Rob Kerr, Community Energy Manager for the City of Guelph. “The Community Energy Initiative goes deeper than typical conservation programs. Using the expertise of our community partners, we’re addressing local electricity generation, distribution, transportation and fuel use in the city. We’re creating exciting opportunities for investment in Guelph’s growing green economy.”

Guelph’s energy goals remain unchanged. By 2031, the city is expected to grow by about 50 per cent, use 50 per cent less energy per capita, and cause 60 per cent fewer greenhouse gases per capita.

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Rob Kerr
Community Energy Manager
Environmental Services

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