Mayor Farbridge participates in Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow Symposium

Mayor Karen Farbridge will join energy policy makers, industry executives, and leaders from the private and public sectors to discuss communities’ future energy needs as part of a two-day symposium this week.

She was invited to participate in the conference, called “Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow,” based on Guelph’s experience in developing its Community Energy Plan. The conference organizers recognized Guelph as a leader in community energy planning.

Mayor Farbridge will be part of a panel that will discuss how to effect change in communities. The panel will consider how to engage various stakeholders, increase awareness, and facilitate the introduction of new approaches, practices and technologies in energy planning.

“Guelph is once again being recognized nationally for our leading-edge Community Energy Plan,” said Mayor Karen Farbridge. “I am pleased to have this opportunity to share our Plan with a group of energy experts and leaders.”

The symposium is by invitation only, and follows a workshop format where groups engage in an exercise to create plans for dramatically improved energy systems. Groups will consider what needs to change at the local and regional level between now and the year 2030. Panels of experts will discuss the obstacles to improvements and possible strategies for success.

A policy “white paper” will be produced at the conference, identifying issues to be resolved and proposing a list of actions. The policy paper will be used in future discussions with Ministers, senior government officials, and other stakeholders.

The Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow conference is jointly supported by the Canada Green Building Council, Canadian Electricity Association, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, Canadian Gas Association, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Natural Resources Canada and Pollution Probe. It takes place November 13-15 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

For information contact:

Kate Sullivan
Communications Assistant
Office of the Mayor
519-822-1260 ext. 2558