City’s Green Fleet policies reduce fuel costs and smog

Reduction in fleet operating costs leads to cost savings

GUELPH, ON, February 17, 2010 – All City of Guelph vehicle and equipment acquisitions and replacements are now subject to stringent guidelines aimed at reducing fleet operating costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Emergency Services, Community Services & Operations Committee members learned at its meeting yesterday.

This initiative touches several aspects of the City’s operations. It ensures City employees are accountable for reducing fuel operating expenses by minimizing engine idling. Staff will receive training on fuel efficiency for vehicle and equipment operation. The purchase of right size vehicles will decrease the organization’s carbon footprint and will result in lower capital costs. How vehicles and equipment are utilized will ensure there are no unnecessary vehicles or equipment in the fleet.

Additionally, these initiatives will lead to an overall reduction in fleet operating costs resulting in a cost saving to taxpayers.

“Lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by our fleet is a win-win situation,” says Mayor Farbridge. “It supports the goals of our Community Energy Plan, while saving on fuel costs at the same time. I want to thank Operations staff for their commitment to this program.”

“These initiatives will help us prepare for our first E3 review at the end of April,” said Bill Barr, the City’s Manager of Fleet and Equipment. E3 (Energy, Environment, Excellence) is North America’s first green rating program for vehicle fleets, that evaluates, audits and recognizes fleets for their efforts in reducing smog and greenhouse gas emissions, fuel use and costs. An E3 Fleet auditor assigns points for a bronze, silver or gold rating. The program is composed of mandatory and optional requirements and fleets that incorporate the optional requirements receive a higher overall rating.

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